Grants For Veterans – Part II

Grants For Housing

If you are having a hard time finding affordable housing, making your mortgage payments, or getting a loan then there are programs out there that may fit your needs.

The Grant and Per Diem Program – Also known as (GPD), this program funds community based agencies with transitional housing for homeless veterans. No veteran should ever have to go without a roof over their head. If you are having a hard time finding housing then please contact this program.

Housing Assistance for Veterans – Housing assistance for homeless Veterans and their families is available through several federal programs. Two of these (The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and VA Supportive Housing Program (VASH) partner together to provide permanent and supportive housing for homeless veterans. It works with those most vulnerable including women, those returning from combat and veterans with disabilities. Learn more about the HUD-VASH Program.

Home Loan Guaranty – Veterans who can show proof of service and meet certain requirements may be entitled to a certificate of eligibility from the VA. This means they should be guaranteed a home loan through lending services connected with the VA.

For more general information on housing grants click here.

Grants to Start a Business

You are out of active duty and ready to grow your business! Maybe you are a spouse who has put their dreams on the back burner while holding down the home front. Either way there are programs out there for veterans and their spouses that can help make owning your small business more than just a pipe dream!

Operation Endure and Grow – The Small Business Administration in partnership with the Whitman School of Management offers this program to National Guard Reserve members and their families. The eight week training program helps new small businesses create a marketing strategy, develop a business plan and secure financing.

U.S. Small Business Administration – The U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA is a great place to look for resources and training programs to help make your new business a success. The SBA includes a database to help you search for loans and grants available for new businesses. They are for veteran owned small business and can help lower the capital you need to make the next step in your small business.

Many veterans and their spouses overlook scholarships and grants because they believe certain misconceptions like their VA benefits eliminate scholarship and grant needs or that scholarships are too hard to find and/or get.

Military families have the added benefit of being able to tap into not only all the other resources out there for civilians but they can also take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available for veterans and their spouses.

So, do your homework, look into benefits, grants and scholarships. Not applying for these is like turning down free money! Make the next step in owning your own home, starting your own business or getting that education you have always wanted!