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State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants

State Farm has grants in the $25,000-100,000 range. While they do not support individual, religious, political, or foreign initiatives, they do offer funding to qualifying US organizations. The funding is directed toward auto and roadway safety, teen driver education, home safety and fire prevention, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery. They additionally support and fund programs like affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, job training and small business development. Review for yourself here.


Verizon is funding STEM Education, Domestic Violence Prevention, and Healthcare for youth, women, and older adults. Their new applications are by invitation only, however, you don’t need an invitation in order to complete and submit an Impact Report. Proposals are reviewed annually, between Jan 1st and Nov 30th, with various amounts of funding available. Qualifying applicants providing support to victims of domestic abuse, diverse communities, and individuals with disabilities can learn more about the Verizon Foundation’s grant program here.

Google Ad Grant

The Google Ad aims to provide online advertising solutions for nonprofits. They are offering $10,000 worth of in-kind ad money each month, to nonprofits worldwide. The program is designed to help maximize your impact by placing your ads where people are most likely to see them; right next to Google search results. Once ads are live, you’ll have access to Google’s suite of powerful conversion and analytics tools, allowing you to increase donations and recruit volunteers. Learn how to get started here.

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart sponsors animal welfare organizations. They are looking for nonprofits to take their vision into their local communities. Over 3,000 qualifying local animal welfare organizations and groups currently partner with PetSmart to provide surgeries for cats and dogs, as well as loving homes for those in need of adoption. Since its inception, the charity has aided in the adoption of over six million pets across the country. Get more details here.

The National Credit Union Foundation

The NCUF provides a toolbox which helps credit unions expand their charity work. Each credit union can evaluate the needs of the people around them and determine the greatest needs in their local communities. The foundation’s primary grant programs include; Disaster Relief, Development Education, Experiential Learning, Biz Kid$, Non-Prime Auto Lending, and Financial Counseling. The foundation’s primary goal is to improve the financial lives of individuals through credit unions, providing increased access to financial services and financial education. Find out more here.

Afterschool Alliance

Afterschool childcare is vital to the safety of students. These programs require funding for quality programs, snacks, and supervision. Afterschool Alliance is one such source of funding. The organisation’s mission is to promote the growth of state, local and national afterschool programs. The Afterschool Alliance website also provides in-depth advice, tutorials and tools designed to help eligible applicants find funding sources and write proposals. Get more info here.

Community Block Grant Program

Block grants through HHS help a wide range of initiatives including such things as training for foster and adoptive parents, workforce development, and child abuse prevention. Their primary mission is to alleviate the cause and conditions of poverty for a variety of different groups. They fund projects to lessen community poverty, address the needs of low-income individuals and that provide housing, education, emergency services and more. To learn more about their funding click here.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

The FWS relies on federal funding for grants for nonprofits. These grants support state initiatives that promote preservation of wildlife through such programs as a whistleblower reward. Qualifying groups include individuals, Indian tribal governments, state and local governments, nonprofits, and higher education institutions. Learn more about their program here.

The American Heart Association

AHA funds innovative and meritorious research projects. Grants are available to eligible investigators and institutions nationwide. Funding is issued in cycles twice a year, though not every grant or program is available in each cycle. Learn how to get started here.

Whatever your program, you can begin searching out grants that match your cause or your locale. While it is not required that you know someone at the grant foundation, it can be helpful to have a contact person behind you. Finding such a person is easier when pursuing local grants. You can visit your local Chamber of Commerce or local businesses. When applying for a nationwide grant with a large corporation or foundation, you can still make a connection with the right person that will help you navigate the process.

Landing the perfect grant may take several tries over the course of several years. In the meantime, keep your vision and keep your organization growing from the grassroots. Every impact you make changes a life and takes you closer to funding that can change a community.

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