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Top Grants and Targeted Small Grants

When you are ready to seek out a grant, think of the larger corporations or organizations who are doing work related to your organization. Will you work with veterans? Think about the Veterans of Foreign Wars as potential partners. Do you want to help animals? Think Pet Smart like the program found here.

“Big name” businesses and nonprofits may offer a community service grant that will help to fund your initiative. Alternately, they may be able to direct you to funding. They may know what similar initiatives are already underway in your locality. Bottom line, they can be a wealth of information.

Corporation for National and Community Service

The CNCS funds AmeriCorps and other large, well-established community service organizations. Their funding is channeled out to worthwhile initiatives that utilize local volunteers. This grant-making agency is responsible for funding a number of initiatives that empower civic participation. Learn more about their organization here.

Office of Community Service

The Office of Community Service works through the Office of the Administration for Children and Families, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. Through national service, this organization provides over 39 million dollars each year funding grant makers that provide resources to low income communities. Learn more about their programs here.

Community Service Block Grants

Block grants through HHS help a wide range of initiatives including such things as training for foster and adoptive parents, workforce development, and child abuse prevention. Their primary mission is to alleviate the cause and conditions of poverty for a variety of different groups. They fund projects to lessen community poverty, address the needs of low-income individuals and that provide housing, education, emergency services and more. To learn more about their funding click here.

State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants

State Farm has grants in the $25,000-100,000 range. While they do not support individual, religious, political, or foreign initiatives, they do offer funding to qualifying US organizations. The funding is directed toward auto and roadway safety, teen driver education, home safety and fire prevention, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery. They additionally support and fund programs like affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, job training and small business development. Review for yourself here.

Sites are available which provide a database or listing of available grants. One such site is Grant Watch.

And just a sampling of specialized grants you’ll find when you begin your targeted search…

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities offer options for those looking to bring care to pets and animals in need. The program has invested $274 million in grants since 1994, with $30 million invested in 2015 alone. The program is available to qualifying US and Canadian organizations, institutions and groups, and has so far funded almost 3,000 animal welfare agencies. PetSmart Charities focuses on funding local animal welfare groups, working together to find dogs and cats adoptive families and prevent unplanned litters. To find out more about PetSmart Charities go here.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation provides vital outreach and support to VFW Posts, Auxiliaries and non-profit groups across the nation. If your group is seeking financial assistance for its next event or outreach project, you may qualify for one of two grants available from the VFW. The VFW Community Service Grant provides up to $1,000 for eligible community outreach programs. The VFW Foundation Regular Grant provides funding ranging from $1,000 – $15,000 for programs that directly provide support to veterans, military personnel engaged in active duty and their families. For more on how to apply for both grants visit here.

Massage Therapy Foundation

The Massage Therapy Foundation aims to provide funding charitable organizations offering massage therapy to individuals who would otherwise be unable to benefit from these services. The Foundation provides a bridge between community service groups, and the massage therapy profession at large. Funding up to $5,000 is available, covering project periods of a maximum of one year. Qualifying organizations or affiliates of organizations can find more information on the Massage Therapy Foundation grant by going here.

US Soccer Foundation

The US Soccer Foundation offers grants on an annual and rolling basis to provide assistance to soccer programs and field-building programs across the nation. Targeted at underserved youths, the Foundation’s after school program “Soccer for Success” significantly improves the general health of participants, while its field-building initiatives have helped with the construction or enhancement of more than 1,200 soccer pitches nationwide. The foundation has invested more than $100 million in aid of soccer support programs and field-building initiatives since its inception. To learn more about US Soccer Foundation grants click here.

American Heart Association

Focused on enacting public policy change on healthy weight and living among children, the American Grants Association offers a number of grants to state, local and tribal organizations and groups. The Voices for Healthy Kids program currently offers three grants, with funding ranging from $15,000 – $100,000 to eligible applicants. The Open RFA Grant funds public policy campaigns aimed at fighting childhood obesity with up to $90,000 in funding available. The Rapid Response Grant ranges between $15,000 – $100,000, and is aimed at shorter term projects with a three to six month timeframe. The Strategically Directed Tools award is granted to projects such as lobbying activities which relate to specific advocacy campaigns directed at combating the childhood obesity problem at the state, local and tribal level. To found out more click here.

Mine Safety

The Mine Safety and Health Administration runs a nationwide MHSA grant program in participating states which provides safety training and certification across a wide number of courses vital to labor safety. Training classes offer coverage on mine-specific health and safety topics, and best practices. Contact information on participating states may be found here.

Global Down Syndrome Foundation

This educational grant offers support and assistance to Down Syndrome organizations with educational outreach programs and events targeted at medical professionals, teachers and parents. Annual funding is up to $10,000, with over $300,000 awarded to date, to 31 sustainable educational programs. Qualifying organizations can learn more here.

Community service grants are available to better the lives of individuals. Follow your passion. Dream big. Work hard. Connect to the funding that will bring results to the people around you.

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