Additional Assistance

We collected amazing articles about additional advice in connection with Government Grants.

Finding the right government grant

The US government has a broad range of programs designed to give financial assistance to Americans in need. Some of these programs provide direct grants where the government gives you money, but far more involve loans. Whether you need to pay for college, start a new business, or fix a house after a flood, the government is there to lend money. If you need cash now for your business, to recover from disaster, or to address some other need, you may qualify for one of these programs.

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Health Insurance advice

Grant seekers are often unaware of the free and low cost health insurance available to families and individuals with limited income. Because insurance plans are offered and managed at the state level, grant seekers will need to investigate what’s available in their state. Be assured you do not need a high income to secure insurance and subsidies. Help and assistance is available from the federal government to keep costs down.

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